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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is "Reaper" Teaching Us Good Morals?

On the CW's show, "Reaper," there is a lot of sin going on. Lying, cheating, violence, goofing off at work. The Devil seems to encourage things like gossip and lust. Even the hero's would-be girlfriend is well-versed in defrauding her place of employment, not through stealing money, but through wasting time and pretending to get things done. So doesn't this show teach us that it's good to be bad?

I don't think so. More and more, our hero seems to be discovering that solid morals are better in the end. He's even refuted the Devil's support of various sins on more than one occasion.

Part of what makes the show interesting in this regard is that Sam keeps getting pressured to do bad things. Sin is said to be highly attractive. His father bought him a new car, and asked him to lie to his mother. In the end, the car was totaled, and he told his mother the truth. Live and learn? I think so. I guess this means that the show will entertain with the Devil gags, but also teach how to be true to a strong moral background, even in the face of many temptations.

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