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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Biggest Ice Cream Cone I Ever Had

One day a few friends and I were traveling through a major metropolitan area when we stopped for a frozen treat. I hadn't been to an ice cream shop in a while, so I decided to make my visit count. I ordered a huge cone, covered in hardened chocolate topping and colored sprinkles. In the cone, I decided I wanted cheesecake ice cream. I think not only was the ice cream itself flavored to mimic cheesecake, but also there were bits of actual cheesecake in there. Incredible.

The cone was literally bigger than a softball at the very top. I was proud. My friends also got delicious-looking orders, but theirs weren't so gargantuan. One of my pals said, with a look to match her tone, "There's no way you're going to finish that." I thought to myself maybe she was right. But I did pay for it. I might as well give it my best effort.

So I ate and ate and ate, and finally the humongous snack was no more. Well, actually it just relocated to my stomach, where it complained about the cramped new living arrangements. Now that I had savored the taste and texture, I turned my efforts toward ignoring the pain. I had "triumphed," but simultaneously proven that a serving that big was too much for me.

At least I didn't waste the 8 dollars it cost. :)

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