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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

JourneyMan - Is There A Visitor From The Future?

Last night it was revealed that JourneyMan's relationship with the woman before his wife had been arranged through time travel. His current time-hopping lady friend lives in 1948. She found herself stuck in the '80's, so she made the best of things and went to law school, which would have been far more difficult in the late '40's. Then she met up with JM, got engaged, and vanished off a plane that crashed.

This all got me thinking. If the Lady could hang in the future for a while, JM could hang in the past. But what's more, the Lady is interacting with a guy from the future. So JM could theoretically have had prior dealings with someone from even further in the future. Maybe the Professor? Could he be from the future? I don't think so, but I'll bet there will come a time in the show when JM is confronted with another traveler from beyond 2007.

The Philadelphia Experiment took place around Halloween of 1943. So then 5 years later, a woman travels to the 80's, and stays there. In the movie, "The Philadelphia Experiment," two military guys were sent to the 80's. One returned to the 40's and was subsequently convinced he was crazy. The other hung out in the 80's, jumped back to the 40's for a moment, and then returned to the future.

Could the Lady be involved in the Philadelphia Experiment? Could the Professor? Hmm...

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