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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bionic Woman Learns A Lesson?

In my recent post, Things I Hate About Bionic Woman, I explored the reasons I felt the character seemed to need improvement. I had theorized a reason for why she came across as so full of herself, despite the danger that behavior caused. "Maybe this is part of the show's development, and the newly-enhanced cyborg is supposed to get cocky to the point where someone dies and she has to reevaluate her way of thinking." Well, someone did die, and she does seem to be doing some thinking.

A coworker got killed 2 episodes ago, and last episode she was a little upset. To even things out, she took a vacation that ended up becoming another mission. Ordered to kill a guy, she decided to take him hostage instead. The value of a human life seems to have become something she's taking a bit more seriously now. Sure, she allowed a previous "enemy" to survive as well, but her attitude about it was much more carefree. Now she appears focused.

It had seemed like her bionics created a sort of disconnect between herself and the rest of humanity. But since she'd gotten to know the agent that ended up getting killed, it would seem her character is beginning to connect actions with consequences. Hopefully now she'll be more cautious.

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