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Friday, November 9, 2007

Who Wants Life Insurance?

I recently came across a web site called Advantage Term Life. They sell a wide variety of insurance policies, and can help anyone needing insurance find a good rate. They'll even compare rates with over 25 other companies.

I once read a sci-fi story about a guy who couldn't get insured by an omniscient supercomputer because it said that when he died, the world would end. Well, thankfully that's not the case for any of us! Everybody's free to request Insurance Quotes from Advantage Term Life without running the risk of being told something wild like happened with poor Mr. Sci-Fi.

In "Groundhog Day," Stephen Tobolowsky played Ned Ryerson, an insurance salesman quite knowledgeable in the area of Insurance Plans Pros and Cons. Maybe he wore Bill Murray down as the day was repeated thousands of times, or maybe Bill just realized that being prepared is always a good thing. Bill ended up Ned's best customer.

What's great about living in the modern era is that now you can get an Online Insurance Policy at Advantage Term Life without having to drive down to an office! They've really taken the hassle out of buying life insurance.

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