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Friday, November 16, 2007

New Dragon Ball Z Movie in 2009 or 10

I was a fan of the DBZ cartoon series a few years ago. There were rumors about if and when a live-action film would be made, as there were already many animated films in the series. I waited and waited, and then my interest cooled. I was hugely surprised today to learn that yes indeed, there is a film in the works!

For those of you unfamiliar with "Dragon Ball: Z," it's basically an anime show about people who can fly, shoot energy out of their hands, and sometimes transform into "higher versions" of themselves. They're mostly super strong and super fast. The show revolves around a group of good-natured earth people and extraterrestrial threats of a hand-to-hand nature. But it's not your typical fight, given all the super powers each person has. At one point, the main character Goku becomes powerful enough to fit the description of "a walking nuclear war."

So, it's a guy's type of show. And now there's going to be a movie. Great! Guess who's playing the main character? The son from War of the Worlds. Goku has aged through all the "Dragon Ball" series so that he has experienced life from childhood through to a late middle-aged state. I believe the new film will focus on him in his early adulthood. And Piccolo, an enemy-turned-friend, is going to be played by Spike from "Buffy." He might just still be an enemy in the film...

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