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Friday, November 23, 2007

Hiro Couldn't Have Saved His Father Without Invalidating The Recent Plot

On "Heroes," Hiro went back in time, interacted with his father, and brainwashed his former self into allowing his father to be killed by Adam. I disagree on many points with his decision, mostly because Adam became Hiro's enemy in the 1600's, so one might say Adam's killings are all partially Hiro's fault. He already changed history with the earliest incarnation of Adam, so why not set things right?

If Hiro were to have disagreed with his father and save his life, that would have meant that whatever plot advances had occurred recently, following Hiro's father's death, would have suffered the same fate as Atomic New York. They saved NY from getting nuked, and everything in that alternate future was canceled out. If Hiro saved his father, all the recent plot points would have been canceled out, since everything would have happened slightly differently.

I was wondering about that before it was revealed that Hiro wouldn't save his father. I thought about how usually Heroes will make it clear that things are up in the air in a temporal sense, because the plot points take place in the future. But in this recent episode, the plot points had already occurred, and Hiro was messing around with the past. "Heroes" hasn't really gone that route before.

When Hiro was less experienced, he tried to save the waitress from Sylar. It hasn't really come up in the show, but Sylar should have a killer memory after "meeting" her. Anyway, Hiro couldn't go back and save the waitress because he didn't really know what he was doing. He assumed the laws of the universe were preventing him from changing history. He somewhat agreed to the same idea regarding his father. But I still disagree, because I think Adam would be a completely different person were it not for Hiro's intervention.

So, in spite of the fact that it would invalidate tons of plot, why doesn't Hiro go back and get the waitress now?

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