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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Family Guy Rules My Life, Part III: The Subway Ad

Today I saw a commercial for Subway, but instead of hearing from Jared, I saw Peter Griffin, The Family Guy!

At first I was surprised, seeing as how Family Guy can seem pretty hardcore, and may not appeal to everyone. After all, the creator did just do an episode showcasing all the negative criticism the show has garnered. And when I saw that, I assumed that that meant "Family Guy" is a show for young males who typically get a bigger kick out of crude humor.

I thought Subway already appealed to everyone. Maybe they don't feel the same way. Maybe the numbers say that the average young male would rather go get burgers or pizza. Or if they want a sub, they might go to Quiznos because of their more subversive advertising. Subway might just be trying to capture that same form of appeal.

Even though "Family Guy" is often potentially offensive, the commercial wasn't at all. I guess this proves that while Family Guy can be dirty on its own time, it can clean up its act when there are endorsements to be made. Griffin's last words on the ad were, "Beat that, Jared!"

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