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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tonight, "Simpsons" Pulled A "Family Guy"

I was watching "The Simpsons," basking in the newness of it all, when all of the sudden I saw a random transition that reminded me of "Family Guy." Usually, as far as I can recall, "The Simpsons" would gradually move from one idea to the next. Sometimes quickly. But never super-abruptly. "Family Guy" does that all the time, though. "Remember the time blah blah blah?..." [BLAM! -- Cut Scene]

What happened in "The Simpsons" was someone mentioned a pork product, I think it was. Then we see Homer for the first time in the episode, completely out of context, reclining at work and dreaming about the same exact product. A little random, but also a fresh take on the running gag. He says his usual, "Mmmm... Pork filled banjo" or whatever it was. Then back to the scene at hand. I think it was funny because it's like the audience is expecting a "Mmmm" whenever anything remotely food-sounding is mentioned. Since Homer wasn't around, they cut to wherever he was in the universe, and had him do his bit. Genius.

It stuck out for me a little because I thought "The Simpsons" was going to stick to its roots, and it almost made me question whether it belonged in a "Simpsons" episode. But I also enjoyed it. It shook things up. Plus, it's just another sign that "The Simpsons" is continually staying modern and fresh. It's like how they updated the longstanding intro sequence to now include quick flyby remarks from the pedestrians Bart whips past on skateboard.

So even though it may seem like "The Simpsons" is diluting itself, I think it's really doing the opposite -- finding the best, freshest gags and timing them just right. I think the show could last forever....forever....forever......

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