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Monday, November 26, 2007

Heroes Company Pic, JourneyMan Lives In The Future

Today watching "Heroes" and "JourneyMan," a couple of things popped out at me.

First, in "Heroes," I took a good look at the picture of the original Company. I recognized about only half of the people there. The rest were people we'd never seen! One guy even had his face turned to his left, blurred a little, as if either he was moving or his identity was purposely obscured.

I'm wondering if these faces are going to surface later in the show, or if they are just there to take up space.

In "JourneyMan" tonight, the camera view moved past the calendar in the home of our hero. It was already on December. Ok, so giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, either JM and his wife had needed to look ahead, or the scene planners figured the episode might not air until December, or they thought it would be repeated more in December than it was seen in November. In those cases, it would make sense to have the calendar one month ahead (really just 5 days). But I kind of expected JM to live at our time, in which case tonight's episode should have been set today, November 26, which would have meant that their calendar would have still been on November.

So seeing as how they're already in December, could that mean JM and co. exist at least 5 days in the future? In that case, maybe JM could tell one or two of us what the lotto numbers are going to be in a couple days...

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