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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Reaper Madness, Devil's Crush

Last night's "Reaper" was great. I won't go into too much plot detail, but suffice it to say that the show was as entertaining as always.

Here's something I've been noticing. It seems that each episode, we learn a little more about the Devil, and a little more about the way his mind works. Sam Oliver, the Devil's bounty hunter, is able to refute the Devil's claims more and more often. Claims like, "There's no such thing as true love," "Lust is all that matters," and "A little selfish indulgence never hurt anyone."

Last night, Sam asked Satan if he had ever been in love. Then at the end of the episode, Satan used his Devil powers to change the song playing on the bar jukebox to something from the around 50's. You could tell the Devil did it, even though he was incredibly subtle and really only glanced over at the box, because the previous song was cut off before it finished, to make way for the new song.

Then, Lucifer sat with an alcoholic beverage and looked morose.

Now, let's put this together with another random tidbit. A few episodes ago, Sam's father got pretty upset about the way things were going, as if he had never really forgiven himself for selling his firstborn to the Devil. So he asked Sam to set him up a meeting with the Devil. The Devil refused on the grounds that he already has everything he wants from Sam's father.

So there's some history there. And the Devil has a lost love.

Theory #1: The Devil was in love in the 50's or so, but it didn't work out.

Theory #2: The Devil was in love in some random time period, but it lasted into around the 50's, at which point the former couple chose "their song."

Theory #3: The Devil was in love with Sam's mother, and is Sam's true father.

A little out there? Yes. But the mere fact that the show prompted me to wonder that far is what keeps it so interesting. Interesting enough to drive someone crazy. AAHH!!! I've got Reaper Madness!

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